Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lets Rock with Carl Hoffman !!

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Culinary Tribute to the Beatles

Hello There!!  --some people are born famous , some become famous, and others work to become famous. Starting from a simple and inexpensive family owned small scale industry worth a paltry $ 80 million making Jeepneys for the discerning Indian puppi's and yuppi's,  Sarao Inc has now diversified to Event Management and the Music Industry (Bakelite 78 rpm's are our speciality).

Film Making( including an exclusive 5 year contract with George Clooney and Boy George), marketing of an improved version of Brut after shave (feels like Old Spice and Afghan Snow --- shaken not stirred,mmmmm ) and our old family forte of Wine Production(sales had dropped in the last financial year because of family embezzlement and in house wine tasting) WE HAVE NOW STARTING MAKING JUKE BOXES, from discarded parts of Jeepneys, Vespa / Lambretta scooters, old Gramaphones and discarded Chocklate Boxes.The Sarao family  guarantee's that this music  will put a smile on your face and your feet will start tappin'. 
 What a way to start the whether at (no) work,(all) play or whatever you may be doing or generally not doing!!!

You can also listen to the great music of the50s60s, & 70s 

 All your Requirements under One Roof
(We Also Run the World Famous SARAO Chain of Hotels and the SARAO Aircraft Company-Planes on Charter , Anywhere Anytime)

You can also listen to the great music of the 50s60s, & 70s at all links in blue with arrows !!!




Daily Oldies Fix - Jukebox

Enjoy the great music of the 50s60s, & 70s at
Solid Gold Memories



Specially for you--keep clicking!!!

Solid Gold 50s


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