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'The Dragons Perfidy'-- Red China and the Nehru Papers now available in paper back.


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                   'We Didn't Start the Fire' Theme Song by Billy Joel & Tony Sarao

(From the forthcoming film starring Sandra Bullock,Sharon Stone,Demi Moore and Jackie Chan as Agent Sarao, Guest Appearance -Tony Sarao (Metro Goldwyn Meyer Film Productions,Directed by Spielberg)lion, metro goldwyn mayer, movies, roar

How the Story unfolded, a sneak preview :
''---------------Intelligence , the key to the whole thing was getting proper intelligence so that the intentions of those perfidious Chinese could be judged', thought Nehru as he took another sip of the excellent Vodka which had been presented to him by Nikita. That holiday in Nikita's Dacha in Volga had been really enjoyable except for the round of Golf with Nikita and that NKVD chief ---what was his name , Beria something---a really sinister man, mused Nehru. The first time, when the NKVD chief had ordered his caddie to be deported to Siberia when the poor man had coughed during the tee off off was understandable, but after the sixth hole when Beria gunned down his own caddie who had innocently said 'good shot Sir' to him ---- the Prime-minister of India, (and a State Guest)----now that was too much, a dangerous and vain man this Beria. 

Nehru nodded approvingly as Ramu quietly placed a plate of Beluga caviar (they were good hosts these Russians), on the ornate Elephant Leg  table that Haile Selassie had insisted he take back to India after that most enjoyable Elephant hunt both of them had gone for in Ethiopia ---and that most charming lady who had accompanied them , now what was her name, Hailie something--I am getting old Nehru mused , oh yes got it ,  Halley Berry--charming ,very charming indeed. Nehru sighed , he knew he could no longer pretend to ignore the Red folder marked 'Most Urgent-Eyes Only' placed so thoughtfully under the caviar plate, by Ramu.Nehru reached across and frowned as he noticed the Gold embossed insignia of the IB on the folder cover and slowly took out the single sheet of closely typed foolscap paper.  ''Saar'' ----irritated, Nehru looked up and saw Ramu standing with an inquisitive look, Nehru nodded as Ramu disappeared without saying anything.  Sometimes I wonder if this man can read my mind--must be careful , Nehru thought to himself.

     So Mullick had finally decided to show some intelligence-- thats a good one Nehru chuckled to himself -------the 'intelligence' chief showing some 'intelligence', he must tell this joke to Edgar, a great one for puns was Hoover , didn't even spare the President of the US of A !! Nehru knitted his eye-brows as he read the pencilled note of Mulliick ''we have found our man'. Quickly Nehru read through the neatly typed single sheet and suddenly his spirits , low for these past few days , lifted. Well- well- well thought Nehru, so this was the secret weapon Mullick wanted to send to Beijing as the Cultural Attache!! all cloak and dagger stuff, and this man, if even half what was written in the dossier was correct , then probably we could have the Chinese on their knees before one could say 'Twang' no that didn't sound right --''Tawang'' sounds better, Nehru grinned to himself.  '----an ace marksman ( known to carry a Walther PPK .38 Police Special with a silencer in a shoulder holster and a 6'' double bladed Bowie knife taped to his right leg ), a person who had matched Carlsberg drink for drink, could make dynamite from simple Nitric acid and Glycerine , a fearless airman who preferred to come down with his chopper rather than jump out and to beat it all -- a guy who consistently managed Double and Triple Bogeys on the Golf course, now that was a man after his own heart. Nehru looked up and saw Ramu, un-bidden, bringing the Sony cordless phone, a gift with compliments of Kakui Tanaka, ''Saar--?" --'thank you Ramu ', said Nehru as he switched on the 'talk' button and told the Duty Signals Officer ---'tell Mullick to get his ass here now - like yesterday-- and tell him to request Agent Sarao to come over for an informal discussion with me'. 
        'Ramu' shouted the Prime Minister,''--do we have Carlsberg?? Check the cellar and tell the Director Civil Supplies to send a truckload of the stuff here now -- Agent Tony $  is coming over for some serious national business''.

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Mr Patil is your son or brother in the Armed Forces???


Examine barring of PSUs from IAF tender: Antony has asked the Defence Ministry officials to examine the issues raised by Patel.'' In letters to 

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Antony, Patel 

has said that PSUs( and the DRDO-sic)  should be 

given an equal opportunity and level playing field 

and it would encourage healthy competition.''

Animated dancing brown apeI

"I wonder 
whether those of 
our political 
masters who
 have been put in
 charge of the 
defence of the 
country can 
mortar from 
motor; a gun 
from a howitzer; a guerrilla from 
gorilla, although a great many 
resemble the latter."

Oh  Yes ,''-- and they will fight with whatever equipment the Country  builds ''.  Is that what you mean Mr Patel ???Mr Antony  , the DRDO is under you , what equipment do you plan to give to the Army and the IAF.And what can you build and with what standard????And you want to give mostly trash to your own Army , Navy and AF and then tell the soldiers to perform and fight!!?? Be careful ,try and say this in the Western world , the country will crucify you if you don't give the best to the 'boys' out there. The bane of the problem lies here .Who is to judge as to what is the best weapon system or tank or sub or fighter?? Obviously the user.Apparently the media, politicians and 'experts' have started taking decisions as to what is the best for the
end user.
    Now compound this with the lobby which backs the DRDO , HAL and the Ordnance Factories--a failed tank which no one wants, a rifle which was beset with problems (and is now being thrown) , a load carrier(Shaktiman ) thankfully junked, Indigenous Artillery ammunition which does not perform ,air burst ammunition neither on air  nor on ground, grenades which go off before 4 secs, tank and gun barrels which blow off, whimsical Artillery fuzes ,  ordnance factories which rip off soldiers by passing on substandard clothing including parka's, uniforms and jute (woolen)socks. Overhauled jet and chopper engines which do not meet the requisite tolerances---so what are we talking about???         
                             If you can give the quality assurance and meet the exacting standards of this very high end technology , then by all means go ahead.Where is the accountability of the project managers and the so called Directors who head these projects and factories.India will spend,  over $100 billion by 2016 to upgrade aging military equipment and procure advanced new technologies. Its  shopping list includes heavy-lift helicopters, submarines, tanks and howitzers.
             Do you really think you have such a great technological base that you will be handle all this .And within the already critical time and financial limits.For every success there are ten failures.And even in the so called success' ( development of Brahmos , T50 Fighter ) how much do you think is the totally 'indigenous 'participation?? And what is the home made content in our ships,frigates ,the still under construction ATV and the home made carrier, other than the hull??All safety systems , weapon systems specially AD and anti sub measures, engines, fighters and choppers on board --all are 'imported ' from the super bazaar.And which aircraft trainer and Avro replacements  are we discussing? Do you have the know how to make an engine and it is required now , not after five or ten years? What about the metallurgy?I am talking about a fighter/trainer jet engines and not the ISRO rocket engines or rocket science.
                Where is the LCA ??           Media  remarks about senior service officers cosying up to foreign conglomerates for pecuniary gain is mostly bunkum. Yes , there is corruption in the Forces too , only at a lesser scale , so how is it related to taking substandard indigenous equipment instead ? Handouts, commissions and kickbacks will take place , it is not the weapon , but the procurement system which is to be fine tuned and made time bound . Neither have we inducted the tank (in sufficient numbers), or got the fighters or the subs or the trainers or the guns/howitzers and neither have been able to make them!!For the readers I am enclosing a report of what we can expect if we have to fight with what ''we can build''
The T 72 Ajeya
# Arjun-Main Battle Tank- 40 year development. End product is 50% overweight and the heart of the system, the fire control system has been developed by Elbit  systems in Israel

# LCA-Tejas- 30 year development.  Only the control system and airframe are indigenous. All other components including the ejection seat are imported.

# Nag-Anti tank missile- 30 year delay. Failed user trials as late as last month

# Trishul-Anti aircraft missile, abandoned in 2008 after 20 years

# Kaveri engine- 16 year delay with cost escalation of 800%. Still not airworthy . Delays in the engine have compounded delays of the LCA program.

# Even the most basic items such as artillery guns and howitzers have not been produced by DRDO. The Pinaka is neither operational nor available in sufficient numbers , its full range and  ammunition is still under development. The SOLTAM  gun is being produced in fits and starts, the WLR only is fit for trials

# We import even the ammunition for our tanks at exorbitant prices as was pointed out by  the erstwhile Chief, Gen V.K. Singh  

# BEML has been unable to indigenously manufacture a truck and continues to import them from TATRA after 3 decades. Indigenization is confined to replacing tires, bolts & nuts.Scandal unlimited : No more need be said!!!

# It now appears that India will will have to start importing assault rifles to replace the standard issue INSAS rifle. Even the BSF,ITBP and CRPF don't want them.

Dr Kalam once mentioned--''the DRDO should make a commitment to the services to deliver some products, look for production partners for these products to develop force-multiplier systems''.He also mentioned that his boss Satish Dhavan (former head of ISRO) had once had told him: “If you do no work, there will be no problem.” 
            Agreed , but atleast dont palm off duds to your Services.

 So  Sir, let the best be bought if the Country cannot make it itself , do not relate it to  political games and the evils of corruption in procurement processes, that issue has to be tackled anyhow.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

                                                                                     I ask a simple question--Who is ultimately responsible for the present state of affairs in which the distrust between officers  (those who are supposed to lead) and the men  is becoming more and more palpable every day?? If you say that it is the Commanding Officer , you are only 30% correct . 
                         My dear Generals (and Brigadiers) , 70 % of the blame lies at your doors .It is the dog eat dog race to the top which has resulted in the Country , the Bureaucrats and the Media  playing merry hell with the reputation of the Armed Forces , specially the Army. 
            You can have any number of enquiries , any number of GCMs , any number of studies and any number of Do's and Dont's (and for your information,stoppage of leave is not a reason any more) , but unless you get over your Ostrich Policy and desist from pushing substandard material to higher ranks (for considerations other than merit) ,  you will soon be in charge of a rag tag force with mediocrity rampant in the Flag Ranks from Lt Gen to Brig--it is visible today , and it has resulted in the hierarchy being unable to discern the difference between good officers and well qualified officers . Do the mandatory courses (which will make you 'well qualified to keep rising'), have a good staff tenure (ji hazoor , do not annoy the boss -always say YES)  , have a two star or a three star General as a God father , a short tenure  in a difficult area (with a unit  due for relief) , atleast two/three tenures (in each rank from Col onwards) in the IHQ --and you got it made . Just have a copy of the old Army List by your table for ready reference , remember senior offrs do become LMC's or jump off roof tops , the room at the top sometimes gets vacated sooner.!!
                But lets agree on one thing first. Atleast at the the Bn/Regtl level, the issue being debated just boils down to one thing---The 'Offr- Man Relationship'. No more and no less. If there is a gap between the hierarchy and the men , there will be trouble and it can be ignited by any incident . The men are more literate , economically much better off , more aware and wordly wise  :  just a plain 'CO sahib ka hukum ' is not good enough now!!
          So what differentiates a good unit which has a happy team from the not so good unit??? Very basic---in a good unit  offrs and men work , train ,play together and spend a lot of time with each other.In a good unit the jawans are clear that there is impartiality and no double standards in the dealings of  their ''afsir saiban'' with their subordinates as well as their  with their superiors. Yes, note my words-- ' with their superiors'. The pressure of that mandatory race by the unit offrs for a flag and a star is not felt by the men. Period. And many a time this CO may not even have the urge or as some of our Generals say , -be 'qualified' to go up.

      One of the British CIG'S had once remarked that  the strength of the British Army was ' that Commanding Officer who aspired to be a Commanding Officer and no more.'

                                             All of us who have ever donned the olive greens will guarantee  that the Indian Soldier is one of the most loyal and trusting of human species!!
                     The whole problem arises because of mis-handling , discernible double standards, communication gap between the offrs and the men , lack of respect for offrs born out of a lack of  faith and lastly when the men see the un-officer like behaviour over a period of time (by some offrs , if not all) . I need not elaborate what  un -officer like behaviour is. This behaviour is now seen very often from the highest rank of Lt Gen downwards--just have look at the JAG Dept  rank wise record of Indian Army offrs court martialled for misdemeanour and un-desirable activities , vis-a-viz their cadre strength . You will be surprised. The Indian Army jawan is watching non deserving material going up and also seeing this non deserving  materal  pulling its ilk  upwards!!!
       The hierarchy has to wake up. the Indian Army definition of a 'good offr ' requires an immediate and drastic re-think.But definitely not by the present lot of General offrs . They are part of the system and what is happening is a systemic failure and not a failure of Commanding Officers alone.
           Not only this , there is a requirement to change the selection pattern of officers (for NDA.IMA,OTA,ACC)  as well as for  SELECTION GRADE RANKS , SPECIALLY FOR THE 'GENERAL RANK'.  We have to learn that the so called well qualified offrs may not be qualified enough to go up and beyond or to hold their present positions.