Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The 60's

From left, clockwise: A soldier lays on the ground during the Vietnam War; The Beatles, part of the British Invasion, change music in America and around the world; John F. Kennedy is assassinated in 1963, after serving the office of president for three years; Martin Luther King Jr. makes his famous I Have a Dream Speech to a crowd of over a million; Millions participate in the Woodstock Festival of 1969; China's Mao Zedong puts forward the Great Leap Forward plan; The bombing of the Mount of Olives during the Six-Day War; For the first time in history, an American human being sets his foot on the Moon, in the Moon landing 1969

East German construction workers building the Berlin Wall, November 20, 1961.

Examples of 1960s technology, including two rotary-dial telephones, and a Kodak camera.

Pictures of Soviet missile silos in Cuba, taken by US spy planes on October 14, 1962.

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