Friday, July 1, 2011

Soldiers all # 1

Barki Memorial

Consequent to outbreak of hostilities between India and Pakistan , the 7th Indian Division crossed the international border in Punjab at 0530 hours on 06 September 1965 with 48 Infantry Brigade in lead and secured the Hudiara Drain defended by a Pakistani company . 65 Infantry Brigade there-after commenced the advance from Hudiara Drain onwards towards Barki and contaced the BRB canal ( also known as the Ichogil canal) opposite Barki town which was held in strength by elements of Pak 103 Infantry Brigade. Barki , defended by a company of 17 Punjab(Pak) and a company of 12 Punjab(Pak) , was captured by 7 Division employing one battalion (4 Sikh),supported by a Squadron , Central India Horse ,on night 10th/11th September. As part of the Divisional plan ,16 Punjab (India)was tasked to there-after advance through Barki village and contact the Ichogil canal. Col Bhullar was the CO of 16 Punjab and Maj H S Sarao of 165 Field Regiment was the affiliated Artillery Battery Commander with the Battalion. Major Aziz Bhatti who was later awarded the Nishan-I-Haidar was the 17 Punjab Company Commander at Barki.This is the story of two soldiers who fought on opposite sides and were in the same area at the same time. Read on as the story develops.

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