Sunday, October 24, 2010

#6 Sgt Sidhu-W7513,No 75(NZ) Sqn, No3 Group, RAF

No. 3 Group
HQ :
Exning, Suffolk AOCinC : Air Vice-Marshal the Hon. RA Cochrane
Oakington 7 Sqn (PFF) Stirling 22
Gravely 35 Sqn (PFF) Halifax 28
Wyton 83 Sqn (PFF)
109 Sqn (PFF)
Wellington IC
Warboys 156 Sqn (PFF) Lancaster
Wellington III
8 Non-op'l
Bourn 15 Sqn Stirling 14
Newmarket 75 (NZ) Sqn Stirling 8
Ridgewell 90 Sqn Stirling 12
Chedburgh 214 Sqn Stirling 11
Downham Market 218 Sqn Stirling 14
Lakenheath 149 Sqn Stirling 11 Non-op'l
East Wretham 115 Sqn Stirling
2 Non-op'l
No 75 was based at Newmarket ,part of No 3 Group as marked above. Sometime in May- June 1943 it moved to its new base at Mepal and was susequently re-equipped with Lancasters in 1944( June or so?).Officially opened in June 1943, its first occupants were the Stirlings of No. 75 Squadron, removed from the turf of Newmarket Heath, which conducted its first operation from Mepal on the night of July 3. Named the New Zealand Squadron and manned largely by citizens of that country, No. 75 was to remain in residence for a little over two years, seeing out the war from Mepal. No other squadron was based there during this period as No. 75 maintained three flights, their complements often totalling more than 30 aircraft, particularly after Lancasters replaced the Stirlings in March 1944. The squadron lost 104 bombers in operations from Mepal, 50 being Stirlings and 52 Lancasters.

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