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  animations'The Dragons Perfidy'-- Red China and the Nehru Papers    ' now available in paper back.

                                          TONY SARAO

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  Its Tom Clancy once again---Wall Street Journal

Soldier Sailor Sarao-----beats LeCarre any day, 

Vogue  Magazine,October 2013 issue 

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and untold story of the :::::::

                           'Dragons Perfidy'.Best seller list in US and UK 

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                   'We Didn't Start the Fire' Theme Song by Billy Joel & Tony Sarao

(From the forthcoming film starring Sandra Bullock,Sharon Stone,Demi Moore and Jackie Chan as Agent Sarao, Guest Appearance -Tony Sarao (Metro Goldwyn Meyer Film Productions,Directed by Spielberg.)lion, metro goldwyn mayer, movies, roar

How the Story unfolded, a sneak preview :
''---------------Intelligence , the key to the whole thing was getting proper intelligence so that the intentions of those perfidious Chinese could be judged', thought Nehru as he took another sip of the excellent Vodka which had been presented to him by Nikita. That holiday in Nikita's Dacha in Volga had been really enjoyable except for the round of Golf with Nikita and that NKVD chief ---what was his name , Beria something---a really sinister man, mused Nehru. The first time, when the NKVD chief had ordered his caddie to be deported to Siberia when the poor man had coughed during the tee off off was understandable, but after the sixth hole when Beria gunned down his own caddie who had innocently said 'good shot Sir' to him ---- the Prime-minister of India, (and a State Guest)----now that was too much, a dangerous and vain man this Beria. 

Nehru nodded approvingly as Ramu quietly placed a plate of Beluga caviar (they were good hosts these Russians), on the ornate Elephant Leg  table that Haile Selassie had insisted he take back to India after that most enjoyable Elephant hunt both of them had gone for in Ethiopia ---and that most charming lady who had accompanied them , now what was her name, Hailie something--I am getting old Nehru mused , oh yes got it ,  Halley Berry--charming ,very charming indeed. Nehru sighed , he knew he could no longer pretend to ignore the Red folder marked 'Most Urgent-Eyes Only' placed so thoughtfully under the caviar plate, by Ramu.Nehru reached across and frowned as he noticed the Gold embossed insignia of the IB on the folder cover and slowly took out the single sheet of closely typed foolscap paper.  ''Saar'' ----irritated, Nehru looked up and saw Ramu standing with an inquisitive look, Nehru nodded as Ramu disappeared without saying anything.  Sometimes I wonder if this man can read my mind--must be careful , Nehru thought to himself.

     So Mullick had finally decided to show some intelligence-- thats a good one Nehru chuckled to himself -------the 'intelligence' chief showing some 'intelligence', he must tell this joke to Edgar ,a great one for puns was Hoover , didn't even spare the President of the US of A !! Nehru knitted his eye-brows as he read the pencilled note of Mulliick ''we have found our man'. Quickly Nehru read through the neatly typed sheet and suddenly his spirits , low for these past few days , lifted. Well- well- well thought Nehru, so this was the secret weapon Mullick wanted to send to Beijing as the Cultural Attache!! all cloak and dagger stuff , and this man , if even half what was written in the dossier was correct , then probably we could have the Chinese on their knees before one could say 'Twang' no that didn't sound right --''Tawang'' sounds better, Nehru grinned to himself.  '----an ace marksman ( known to carry a Walther PPK .38 Police Special with a silencer in a shoulder holster and a 6'' double bladed Bowie knife taped to his right leg ) , a person who had matched Carlsberg drink for drink , could make dynamite from simple Nitric acid and Glycerine , a fearless airman who preferred to come down with his chopper rather than jump out and to beat it all -- a guy who consistently managed Double and Triple Bogeys on the Golf course , now that was a man after his own heart. Nehru looked up and saw Ramu, un-bidden, bringing the Sony cordless phone, a gift with compliments of Kakui Tanaka, ''Saar--?" --'thank you Ramu ', said Nehru as he switched on the 'talk' button and told the Duty Signals Officer ---'tell Mullick to get his ass here now - like yesterday-- and tell him to request Agent Sarao to come over for an informal discussion with me'. 
        'Ramu' shouted the Prime Minister,''--do we have Carlsberg?? Check the cellar and tell the Director Civil Supplies to send a truckload of the stuff here now --Agent Tony $  is coming over for some serious National business''.

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